What Is Steganographic Malware? New Type Of Attack Hides In Images

As defenses against standard cyberattacks evolve, so do the methods of attack carried out by malicious actors. Security researchers say a type of attack known as steganographic malware is on the rise. Gary Davis, the chief consumer security evangelist at cybersecurity firm McAfee, warned of the relatively new style of attack, which involves embedding secret code… Continue reading “What Is Steganographic Malware? New Type Of Attack Hides In Images”

Blockchain Technology to See Growth in Next 10 years

Zhang Jian, CEO of BoChen Technology, speaks at a blockchain forum in Guiyang, Guizhou province, May 27, 2017. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn] Blockchain-based application scenarios will become prosperous in the next five to 10 years as the technology continues to improve, Zhang Jian, CEO of BoChen Technology, said. BoChen Technology focuses on the infrastructure creation of… Continue reading “Blockchain Technology to See Growth in Next 10 years”

Hackers Marketing ‘Most Sophisticated’ Mac Malware Ever

Hackers with their targets set on devices running Apple’s MacOS are selling access to new, sophisticated attacks that can infect machines and hold them for ransom. The attacks, which include a malware-as-a-service (MaaS) known as MacSpy and a ransomware-as-a-service called MacRansom — both of which attackers can purchase to use to direct at a target— are… Continue reading “Hackers Marketing ‘Most Sophisticated’ Mac Malware Ever”

Palo Alto Traps: The End for AV and EDR?

The world of malware and exploits has a long history, and anyone involved in this industry knows that we are at a tipping point. Threats continue to evolve, from the first viruses seen in the wild back in 1982, to the modern day malware of today that’s capable of spreading laterally in the blink of an eye.

We are in an arms race, and the traditional, legacy ways of dealing with these types of problems just doesn’t cut it anymore. For the last few months I’ve been learning and playing with Palo Alto’s Endpoint Protection solution, aptly entitled Traps. As someone who has worked in the network and cybersecurity industries over the last 20 years, I can tell you, it’s a revolutionary approach to the problem of dealing with these types of attacks. While the industry as a whole has focused on Antivirus (AV) mechanisms and more recently, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Palo Alto is taking an altogether different approach; an approach that in my opinion will ultimately leave these legacy approaches in the dust.

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Chinese Malware ‘Fireball’ Has Infected 250 Million Devices

A malware attack dubbed Fireball has infected more than 250 million computers worldwide and is redirecting web browsers on compromised machines to generate revenue for its attackers. First discovered by cybersecurity firm Check Point Threat Intelligence, the browser-hijacking malware attack of Chinese origin has reportedly spread to 20 percent of corporate computer networks. Read: Android Malware:… Continue reading “Chinese Malware ‘Fireball’ Has Infected 250 Million Devices”

Intel’s new chip puts a teraflop in your desktop. Here’s what that means

It’s as fast as a turn-of-the-century supercomputer. Intel’s Core i9 Extreme Edition processor costs about $2,000. Intel Corporation Earlier this week in Taipei, Intel announced the most powerful desktop chip for consumers that it has ever sold and is capable to work better with the newest gaming hardware, like graphic cards and the latest monitors from Armchair Empire. With 18 cores and a price tag of $1,999, the processor is known as a teraflop chip, meaning it… Continue reading “Intel’s new chip puts a teraflop in your desktop. Here’s what that means”

Juniper Data Center Cohesion Wrap Up

Finally getting caught up with work since my time in Cali and although this post is a little late, I wanted to take a moment to capture my thoughts on Juniper Network’s Data Center Cohesion event which took place in Sunnyvale at Juniper’s Aspiration Dome last week. I had an awesome time and the sessions were full of a ton of useful information geared towards all things Data Center. Apparently this was the first time that Juniper opened the conference to outside partners — roughly 16 partners showed up, so to say that I was honored to be there is quite an understatement.

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