What Is Steganographic Malware? New Type Of Attack Hides In Images

As defenses against standard cyberattacks evolve, so do the methods of attack carried out by malicious actors. Security researchers say a type of attack known as steganographic malware is on the rise. Gary Davis, the chief consumer security evangelist at cybersecurity firm McAfee, warned of the relatively new style of attack, which involves embedding secret code…

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One Reply to “What Is Steganographic Malware? New Type Of Attack Hides In Images”

  1. The modern security features of different operating systems are not going to be enough. If someone can hide malware in image codes, then nothing will be safe again. My fear is that such threats are going to become more common in the coming years. Internet will be dull if we cannot see images in web pages and emails. Disabling them will not leave another option for us. The only solution is to bring in more secure anti-malware solutions.

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